RKO Construction is proudly serving Dallas, Texas, and surrounding areas. We specialize in providing superior general construction services for multifamily and commercial developments. We have over 20 years of experience and hands-on leadership techniques so our clients receive a high level of service with a budget-friendly and cost-effective approach. 

With our experience in the field, we understand that there are unforeseen hurdles in jobs and we strive to find those in our initial proposal. We work diligently with our clients to meet all job related deadlines as well as any changes along the way. 

We make it easy and look forward to developing new client relationships!




Randy Oliver

Randy Oliver II - CEO

Randy is an experienced business individual who demonstrates expertise in construction and renovation with 25 years of experience. He is skilled in all things construction and demonstrates an ethical and reliable work ethic. Randy contributes his expertise in the design process. He also directs the construction process and ensures the reception of the work personally.
“I am driven to help all clients fulfill their construction needs with 100% satisfaction.”

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